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Enviro-Bricks are an effective alternative to other heat sources such as traditional firewood, coal, and heating oil.  Enviro-Bricks are manufactured from kiln dried hardwood sawdust using 24,000 pounds of pressure producing a product more dense than cordwood.  Enviro-Bricks are manufactured to a consistent size for easier storage than a cord of wood.  A cord of wood measures 48" x 48" x 96" and varies in weight because of moisture content and species.  A skid of Enviro-Bricks measures 42" x 42" x 48" and is made up of 96 packages of 6 bricks.  Enviro-Bricks are considered carbon neutral because they burn cleaner than coal and traditional cordwood.  In addition, Enviro-Bricks produce much less ash than traditional cordwood.  With Enviro-Bricks, you have no worries of bugs, mold, or the mess associated with a traditional cord of wood.         

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