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Firewood can be a lot of work even if you do not cut, split, haul, and stack it all on your own.  Purchasing firewood typically results in a pile of wood that requires stacking and seasoning.  Enviro-Bricks and envi 8 blocks are manufactured to a consistent size which makes stacking easy and more efficient because they take up less space than firewood equal in weight.  In addition, Enviro-Bricks and envi 8 blocks are kiln dried to eliminate the need for seasoning before burning.      


Both Enviro-Bricks and envi 8 blocks are made from 100% kiln dried hardwood sawdust!  There are no additives, chemicals, or waxes added to hold/bind Enviro-Bricks and envi 8 blocks together.  Lignin, a natural occurring substance in wood, holds both products together because of the heat generated during the compression process.  


Because Enviro-Bricks and envi 8 blocks are 100% natural having no added chemicals, they are safe to use in a campfire / cooking type setting.  


Ensure you will have a warm burning campfire by bringing along Enviro-Bricks or envi 8 blocks in your camper or RV.  Don't transport traditional firewood inside your RV leaving a huge mess with the possibility of bringing insects/bugs inside.  Don't transport firewood outside of your RV where it will get wet when it rains.  Don't buy firewood at a campground because you may get wet firewood.  Instead, conveniently take Enviro-Bricks or envi 8 blocks with you in your camper or RV ensuring less mess and a great burning fire.  

Less ash

After burning strictly Enviro-Bricks or envi 8 blocks, you will notice at least a 50% reduction in ash.  This means less mess yet again because you will clean out your fireplace / wood burner less often.  


Enviro-Bricks and envi 8 blocks are made from 100% sawdust.  The sawdust is a byproduct of a wood manufacturing facility.  The sawdust is recycled into firewood by using 24,000 pounds of pressure.  Enviro-Bricks and envi 8 blocks burn cleaner than traditional cordwood or coal and are considered carbon neutral.   

Similar to Wood Pellets

Another advantage of Enviro-Bricks and envi 8 blocks is they are similar in concept to wood pellets.  Wood pellets require a special pellet stove in order to be burnt.  Prices for higher end pellet stoves plus installation costs can easily reach into the thousands of dollars.  Plus, once a switch to a pellet stove is made, only pellets are able to be burnt in a pellet stove.  Enviro-Bricks and envi 8 blocks can be burnt in any traditional fireplace or wood burner.  Finally, you can mix both products with traditional firewood or coal.     


A load of firewood is typically a mixture of species, split in various sizes, and air dried.  This produces unexpected burn times and varying heat outputs.  On the flip side, Enviro-Bricks and envi 8 blocks are consistent because they are manufactured by a hydraulic press to a standard size and kiln dried.  This produces an even heat output and near identical burn times brick after brick after brick!  

Less Mess

Both Enviro-Bricks and envi 8 blocks are wrapped in packages of six.  Enviro-Bricks and envi 8 blocks do not leave a mess of bark and other scrap pieces like traditional firewood.  Using either product will eliminate the possibility of mold and/or bugs like traditional firewood.   

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