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About Hearth Heating Alternatives

I decided to form Hearth Heating Alternatives LLC after teaching woodshop for a few years.  I was sending students to the dumpster with 55 gallon drums of sawdust on a regular basis.  I wanted to find a use for this sawdust instead of simply disposing it in a dumpster.  As my ideas progressed, I wanted a way to continue helping my parents with their heating requirements.  I liked the convenience of a wood pellet stove; however, my parents owned a tradition wood burner.  Since wood pellets are made from sawdust produced by saw mills and any other type of wood processing company, I decide to try making my own "pellet bricks" using a small hydraulic press.  After much experimenting and great consideration, I decided to set out and try to find a company that already manufactured these sawdust firewood bricks.  Shortly there after, I became a retailer dealer for Enviro-Brick and Hearth Heating Alternatives LLC was formed.    

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